Project: KINECTWheels: Wheelchair Input for Motion-Based Video Games

The increasing popularity of full-body motion-based video games creates new challenges for game accessibility research. Many games strongly focus on able-bodied persons and require players to move around freely; as a consequence, many children and teenagers using wheelchairs are no longer able to participate in play and cannot compete with able-bodied peers.

We provide KINECTWheels, a toolkit that facilitates the integration of wheelchair input into video games. Our library can help game designers to integrate wheelchair input at the development stage, and it can be configured to trigger keystroke events to make off-the-shelf PC games wheelchair-accessible.

PC World has covered the presentation of KINECTWheels at CHI 2013 in Paris, France, in their article "Kinect Sensor Modified for Wheelchair Gaming".


Kathrin Gerling
University of Lincoln
Michael Kalyn
University of Saskatchewan
Regan Mandryk
University of Saskatchewan